Global Connect Travel: Who We Are

Imagine a striking landscape of graceful minarets set amidst ancient cities. A living museum of breathtaking monuments, honeysuckle-covered temples and the weatherworn sculptures of four thousand years of history. An unspoiled world of golden beaches and emerald grasslands. Where the sweet scent of pine forests rises above the roar of hidden waterfalls. Imagine experiencing all this in one holiday. You can in Turkey. You are to experience and let imagination run wild.

We now bring travelers to Turkey from 18 countries on three continents and conduct tours in several languages, so it can truly said that GCT brings the world to Turkey.

There are no secrets to our success. It comes from caring for our customers and providing them with good value and highly memorable experiences.

Why We Are Different



GCT provides a whole range of well-experienced and reputable service to meet and cope with the demand and interest and to provide the comfort and care for our guests.



Energetic and well-experienced staff that is necessary to run an efficient smooth operation. With GCT’s computerized systems and worldwide connections, you are assured of a reliable and professional service.


Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing, is an approach of Global Connect Travel to setting the cost for a product or service that is highly flexible. The goal of dynamic pricing is to allow adjust prices on-the-fly in response to market demands.



Highly developed and expanded facilities which the country can offer and to the build-up of skilled and trained staff that we can provide for your needs and special requirements. Your reputation is ours!