Dentistry & Dental Services

Preservation, restoration and replacement of teeth are critical to improve the quality of life and maximize health esteem. Highly trained and dedicated staff Orion Healthcare Division Solution Partner Hospitals provide complete set of dental services. The whole range of dental services includes bonding, dentures, extractions, implants, and porcelain veneers. Complete dental implant services: from planning to surgery, to final restoration as well as cosmetic and general dentistry are provided. State-of-the-art technics are assured by up to date dentists.

What is dental tourism?

In short, dental tourism is traveling abroad for affordable dental treatment. Generally expensive dental procedures can be done at low cost rates which are the main advantages of dental treatment in Turkey.

Benefits of Dental Tourism

• Low Cost
• One of the main advantages of dental tourism is quality dental care at a low cost rate. If you want a bargain deal on dental prosthetics, affordable dental implants, discount on dental crowns, contact us and visit Turkey.
• High Quality
• Thanks to our highly educated specialists and modern equipment, we guaranty the top level service at our clinic.
• Immediate Service
• If you have difficulty in getting the urgently required care on time feel free to contact us – our best medical technicians will provide a quick service depending on your needs.
• Travel Opportunities
• We provide a great opportunity to combine dental care and vacation, no matter if you prefer relaxing stay or an active holiday.